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​​​Trade Secrets and Other Sensitive Information

The documents produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in connection with civil smoking and health lawsuits include documents that contain trade secrets and other information that is competitively sensitive, such as manufacturing specifications and blending formulas that describe in detail the recipe for each of the company's products.

As recognized by numerous courts, the tobacco industry is fiercely competitive. Disclosure of the tobacco companies' trade secrets would destroy their status as trade secrets and harm the companies by making it possible for competitors to copy each other's products. Consequently, courts have established procedures to protect the companies' competitively sensitive information.

In accordance with court orders, and consistent with the Consent Judgment in the Minnesota case and the Master Settlement Agreement between various States Attorneys General and the tobacco industry, images of certain documents containing competitively sensitive information are not available to the public either on this website or at the State of Minnesota Document Depository. In addition, there are a limited number of documents that have been produced in civil smoking and health litigation that raise personal privacy concerns and certain third-party information covered by contractual confidentiality obligations. While images of these documents are not available to the public on this website or at the Minnesota Document Depository, these document records are searchable under the RJRT Confidentiality Index Collection.